Things I'm Loving: Mother's Day Treats, new crafting projects and yummy home grown food!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

I'm loving celebrating Mother's Day with my gorgeous wee girl and the MR - it was a stunner of a day and we celebrated by going out for lunch at the "The Wool Shed" cafe on SH1. A definite stop for those traveling - great setup and lovely play area for kids. And, the sheep are friendly too!! 

Group selfie! 

Here sheepy, sheepy!!! 

Riding high... 

Best fluffy date. EVER. 


Even the sheep are friendly!! 

Loving this mug - need to get it for my mom! ;) 

Having fun, mommy/daughter time! 

Taking apart the decking, to have the pool removed. Not loving that, but I am loving the amount of space it will create! Really looking forward to a nice, big play area for Miss G and her friends! 

Anyone want a pool?? Seriously... anyone??

Loving the look of this quilt... Putting it on my to-do list!! 

Loving lazy Sundays when I am at home, home-made pasta sauce and stewed feijoas. All home grown ingredients, of course! ;) 

It's autumn here in New Zealand, and that means crock pot time! (Translation: Slow Cooker.) What are some of your favorite recipes? Here's a neat list to start you off... 

I'm loving that I've started online grocery shopping! FINALLY they deliver fresh produce rural. whoop whoop! Not going to lie, much easier. And, I probably spend less - no impulse shopping!! Do you online shop for groceries?? 

I'm so thrilled and loving that I won the fantastic Rosemary McLeod - Craft Cushions & Decor ebook from Meghan's giveaway series. Check out the other books! I am thrilled - as soon as I hand in my Level 2 nursing portfolio next month - I AM CRAFTING!!! Yay!! And, what a lovely book to start with. Perfect as an ebook - syncs with all our devices. LOVE. :) Thanks soooo much!!! 

Until next time friends, have a great week! 

Sarah Marie xx

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