5 Months!

Weighing in at 6.2 kilos (13lb 11 oz) and 67 centimeters (26.4 inches) Miss G is in the 21st and 91st percentiles respectively. So, she's very tall and lean and doing very well. The Plunket nurse was very happy with her and says she is doing very well for her age!

I went up to the resthome I work at part-time last week, and of course, Miss G was an absolute HIT! The residents absolutely *loved* her and of course, she put on a good show for them - smiling and cooing. It was so neat! I will have to try to take her up there more often b/c it was so great seeing the smiles on the residents faces! :) I'm going back to work one shift/week for now, on Sunday am's. Will give us some extra $$ and Edan will have some father-daughter time as well. :)

I'm starting back full-time at nursing school at the end of July - and I am actually really looking forward to it. I can't wait to be back into nursing classes, although I know it is going to be a lot harder this year. Miss G will be going to a good friend of mine when I'm in class, which is *awesome*. I was so nervous about leaving her in group daycare, but am very excited for my friend to watch her. (She has a girl 9 months older, so she will have fun playing I'm sure!) My classes are only 2-4 hours/day, so nothing is "full-time" in the classroom until I hit placement time at the end of the year...

Congrats to Amber @ Life on a Stick on the birth of her beautiful twin boys! (Amber is a ND native.) They are absolutely gorgeous!


June bug!

Wow, can't believe it's *JUNE* already! Where does the time go?

Tomorrow Miss G has her Plunket 5-month weigh and measure! *Five* months! WOW! She is doing all the wonderful things a 5-month old does. Babbling, sticking everything in her mouth, chewing on EVERYTHING possible, grabbing toys, rolling over, etc, etc. She still loves her musical gym, but I can hardly get her to sit in her bumbo chair! She is just plain not interested in sitting - she wants to STAND. Yipes!

Love my exersaucer! 
We've been enjoying an Indian Summer here in NZ, which is great! Yesterday I took Miss G and Pixie out for a walk and I only had a tee-shirt and jeans on! yay! Although, once again, I can hear the cats squishing as they walk across the lawn - it is so wet and boggy! It would be very nice if the gardens and lawns could dry out a tish so my vege can grow! :)

Quick shout out to my cousin Heather - congrats on your wedding! I heard it was gorgeous! ;-)