Things I'm LOVING!

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Loving how excited Miss G is about food!

Loving her super-cute, food-covered smile!

Loving her energy to bounce and bounce and bounce!


Grateful Saturday...

Grateful for the sunshine and that we live near the beach!

Grateful that Miss G is going to a dear friend while I'm in my second year of Nursing School.

Grateful that my husband and I can afford for me to go to Nursing School.

Grateful that my husband supports my decision to give up a successful (well-paying)10-year career in Marketing & Communications to follow my passion.

So, so so grateful for Angel D for inspiring me to pursue Nursing. Wish you were still here with us buddy, miss you so much each and everyday!

Grateful for my amazing family and wonderful friends. So blessed. xxoo

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Things I'm Loving...

I'm loving that Miss G is over her cold - she had a *very* high temp on Sunday eve and Monday, and thankfully it came down and even her stuffy nose has gone away.

I'm loving catching up with friends for a Friday morning tea! So fun to gossip, have yummy baked goods, coffee and revel in good company!

I'm loving my new rose brooch. So gorgeous and handmade! Some people are just so talented! (If you want a rose brooch, pm me and I will give you the TM sellers details - only in NZ, sorry!)

I'm loving that my wonderful hubby brought home a trailer load of dry wood to keep our home nice and warm! Growing up in Minnesota, I just *hate* being cold! And, thanks to the wind from Antarctica, it's a tish chilly!

I'm loving that my sissy will be back in New Zealand in a week! Can't wait to see her and her hubby after their month-long holiday in the USA (back home!)!!

I'm loving that my pre-preggy jeans fit loosely again. It's been a bit of work, but the weight is finally coming off. yay!

I'm loving my cross-stitch project I'm working on!

I'm loving that I'm back in Nursing School on Monday! And,  loving that Miss G will be going to a good friend during the day. :)

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Winter Wonderland?!?

Growing up in Minnesota, winter to me is lots and lots of snow, freezing temperatures and outdoor activities where you are massively bundled up so just your eyes are barely showing. Climate of Minnesota

Winter is *not* insane amounts of rain, hail, flooding and wind - like it is here in the Manawatu region of New Zealand. Winter has officially 'hit'! Current Weather

Maybe I am just looking through rose colored glasses, but at least you can semi do something in the snow. IE: Cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, downhill skiing, snowboarding, etc, etc. 

Gale force winds and down pouring rain = indoor activities by the fire. ;-) *HOWEVER* I will have a massive shock when I get back into a MN winter - because the temps here rarely get below freezing! (BLISS!) Plus, we get our fair share of snow when we go up  Mt Ruapehu for skiing. (Active volcano we ski on - good fun!) Can you believe my last Minnesota winter was 2005-2006!?!? How quickly time flies!

So tomorrow is a big day for us here - tomorrow Miss G is SIX MONTHS!! Where, oh where, has the time gone!?!? 

Our little princess is just so adorable and such a delight! We love her to bits! I'm planning to take her into Plunket at some stage this week for her weigh and measure - I know she's grown heaps this month! Her pants are becoming 3-quarter pants now... 

She's right into food now - loves apple purees, not into pears or baby rice just yet (but has fun blowing bubbles with them!), and loves pumpkin! So fun watching her learn all sorts of new things - like crawling! She was off on a mission last week at mommy/baby yoga and has been moving since. However, I have slowed her down a bit by putting her on a blanket on the floor. Mean, I know, but she just can't quite get the traction... On the carpet and she's slowing doing a commando-style crawl. It's super cute, but very frustrating for her. ;-) She wants to go! 

Until next time...