Things I'm Loving - early October!

I am totally loving the 2012 Capture Your Grief project for infant and pregnancy loss I am participating in memory of my Angel Degen. It is extremely difficult, emotionally draining, heartbreaking ... but so rewarding. Love. Take a peek up - and you will see my tab  that I am updating daily with photos. :)

Loving that little Miss G, Miss K, my friend Ner and I all went to the Polkadots concert together. It was so cute to watch the girls dance and really getting into it. Loved the excitement on their faces... So adorable!

Loving that my first essay in my nursing programme - FINAL year - came back with excellent marks. Woohoo!!

Loving that I have a forced break this weekend from school - as the server is being updated. Yipee- what kinds of mischief can we get into this weekend?? ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!! Linking up with Megan at...


Day 1 - Sunrise

Please follow me as I link in with CarlyMarie for the 2012 Capture Your Grief awareness project - I will be updating my page  - 2012 Capture Your Grief daily. xo