Baby K's Baptism

This Sunday, 26 Feb was my sister and brother-in-laws first wedding anniversary! This was us a year ago - what a fabulous wedding! So fun - and very friends and family orientated - it was a great day to catch up with loved ones!

Dad, Mom, Jen, Sam, Miss G, Edan and Dan

To celebrate their one-year anniversary, they decided it would be very special to have Baby Keira baptized in the church they were married in - by the same pastor - one year later. It was very appropriate, being the first Sunday in lent, with the discussion being about baptism into the church.

Proud Godparents - with Baby K and Miss G

Parents and Godparents - Loving Baby K! 

Manic Monday

Well, my mental health essay is DONE and handed in! I finished it in the wee hours of the morning. Okay, it was 12:45am when I got to bed. So, really not classed as an 'all-nighter'...  But, still. Phew, done and dusted! Brought it into school this morning and then had coffee with a couple other fellow nursing friends. I had two back to back 6-week placements (surgical and mental health), so we haven't been in class since October last year! Shesh! Back in class on Monday, 5 March - over half way to becoming an RN!! yipee!!

My next two papers/classes - are on ethics in nursing practice (always interesting!) and healthcare in the community/world/country. Should be interesting - although they have quite close essays for assessments... Must not procrastinate!

Now I have the rest of the week off to relax, hang out with mom, sissy, Miss G and baby K up in Taupo! Good times! Mom flies back stateside on Thursday (boo!) so it will be great to have a couple days of 'girl time' before she heads out.

Last week, Jen and baby K came down for a visit - we had such a good time. Did some shopping, walking, visiting and laughing! It's great being on maternity leave!!

Trio of backrubs - Gma, Sissy and Miss G
SKYPE'ing with Gpa! Jen and baby K!
Dad must be a bit dull for baby K! 


What I'm Loving this week...

Once again, linking up with Paisley Jade for Things I'm loving...

Loving that Te Kawau netball season has started up - looking forward to another great year!! And, really loving the fitness aspect! Go Greens!

Loving how the 2012 Rangitikei District GirlGuides is shaping up - we have great leaders and awesome girls! Looks like it will be a fun year! Get ready for BISCUITS! Coming out 1 March - yay!!

Loving having this week off to spend with my mom, sister, niece and fabulous Miss G!

Miss G sporting her American swim style!
Loving the fabulous wood shed E built for the winter - now we won't run out! It is now completely full - fantastic! :)

Loving that Miss K's baptism is this weekend - really looking forward to being her godmother! *More pix to come! She's a gorgeous wee poppet!!


Things I'm Loving - 21 Feb...

Things I'm Loving on 21 Feb 2012... 

Linking up with Paisley Jade for Things I'm Loving... Check out some of the others if you have time - fabulous lists!! :)

Loving this cute girl! On the beach at Napier for the Art Deco Festival last weekend! Yay for great weather, fun costumes (on others), good fun with family and cheeky monkeys!! :)

Loving that Grandma (my mom) has been here in NZ for 2 months! Yay for escaping Minnesota winters to come visit her daughters and granddaughters!!

Loving that we've been using our pool! Miss G loves the water!

Loving that I just finished two back to back placements - 6 weeks in surgical and 6 weeks in mental health. Loved them both! Now, I have an essay due next week to get done RE: mental health, one week off and then back in class! 54.16% on the way to being a Registered Nurse!! (Thanks Amanda!)


Things I'm Loving - 3 Feb edition!

Linking up with Paisley Jade

Things I'm Loving...

I'm LOVING that it's FRIDAY and I have a 3-day weekend. 

I'm LOVING that I've really enjoyed my surgical and mental health nursing placements. Although, makes my decision on where to focus my career so much more difficult... 

I'm LOVING my new niece Miss K. Sooo adorable!! 

I'm LOVING spending the summer with mom! Two months with no winter for her! yaya!! 

I'm LOVING that the fabulous Miss G had such a neat birthday party! It was such a wonderful day with so  many special people celebrating her first birthday! 

Birthday buddies - dad and Miss G!! :)

Playing with my friends! 

Yay! My first candle and everyone is singing to me! 

Yum! Yum!