Shhh... Studying here!

Been *really* busy with school this week, so I've been super quite on the blog. Have an essay due in two weeks, along with a drug calculations exam and a respiratory/cardiovascular patient assessment exam. Yipes! Classes have been really interesting, and I think of heaps to write about on here, but I've been knuckling down and hitting the books lately. {But I do have ideas for future blogs!}

Just a couple cute pix to share of Miss G. We managed to sneak away to the beach on Monday with a friend. It was such a lovely day to take Pixie (dog) for a run and for the rest of us some sunshine! :)

Rach and Miss G enjoying the beach!
I think Miss G is telling stories! 

Cute girl checking out the gorgeous flowers in the yard. :)
We had a bit of excitement here with the recent snow - it was in the news quite a bit and was really fun. I haven't really been around snow in quite a few years now, so it was exciting to see it falling from the sky. Even though it didn't stick!

Miss G and I taking our photo in the 'snow'...

Snowing! (It's not meant to snow here!)

Finished a book off my list - A Fine Balance. I really enjoyed the book and am kind of quite sad I've finished it. Give it a go, it's a really well written book and it was just lovely really. :)

Well, off to bed for this nursing student / mommy. Mornings come waaayyy to early! :)


Things I'm LOVING!

Things I'm LOVING!! 

I'm LOVING that this cutie is going to be 7 MONTHS tomorrow (13 Aug)! 
(Look at all that drool!!)

I'm LOVING all the studying I did this week! 
(However, I still need another week This year is full-on!)

I'm LOVING the nice lady at the supermarket today. She was behind me in the check-out and helped pushed my trolley to the car since I was carrying Miss G and struggling with an overflowing trolley! Thank you! LOVING random acts of kindness! 

LOVING the second-hand rocking chair I won for my sissy on Trade Me. Awesome buy for $26 and lovely people I picked it up from! 
It's going to look fab when it's re-covered! Any suggestion on colors? 

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Who wouldn't procrastinate?

When someone this sweet is distracting you? 

Watching cartoons while mommy reads!
Such a beautiful day here - loved the sunshine and great weather. Managed to get some studying done while Miss G napped - which is great! Even got to SKYPE with Gma, Gpa  and Uncle in the USA - Miss G put on a good show in her Jolly Jumper! 

Well, must carry on... Only 3 study days left!! 


Study Week!

Kia Ora!

This week, I am on a 'study week' from classes. Phew! B/c I feel so far behind and it's only week 3!! This year we have been assigned sooo many readings (most optional, but I still want to read them!) - so this is my week to 'catch up'. yay!

Unfortunately, since I am the queen of procrastination, it is also my week to tidy the house and do all the random jobs I normally wouldn't want to do anyways. Case in point: this morning, I have been vacuuming the house (Edan did it yesterday), dusted house, cleaned kitchen, took car to local garage for WOF, one load of laundry waiting to be put away, one load of laundry on the line and another in the machine... and it's only 11:45am!! Yipes! I just may get our house completely organized by the time this week is over!! Now onto the dreaded office... (The office was our 'dumping ground' when we moved and it has kind of stayed that way...)

Miss G was quite excited when I put her in her car seat this morning to take the car in. I think she was a bit disappointed we only went 2 blocks and then she was in the buggy walking back home... She's loving going to care when I'm in classes. It's probably a bit more interesting to have another little girl to play with (Miss K is 16 months)! But, it is nice to have some time to chill, catch up and re-group before heading back into classes.

Loving my classes this year - they are really full-on, but super interesting! Long may that last! :)

The biggest loser challenge I was involved in finished off on Saturday - I am super excited to say I lost 6.5 kilos (14 1/3 lbs.) in the challenge! (I didn't win, but, very stoked I'm back in my normal clothes - which was my goal!) Purely by eating super healthy and exercising daily. Sounds like everyone is keen to continue on, which is great. Group support has been wonderful for me to loose those extra baby pounds that snuck up!

Well, better attempt SOME study today!

Haere ra!


Grateful Sunday...

Grateful Sunday...

Grateful for bubbles!!

Isn't she just so gorgeous!

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Random blog...

I'm still a 'novice' in the blogging world, but I'm trying to get into it. Mostly to keep our friends/family updated and possibly to meet some more fellow mummies/mommies out there. :)  So, bear with me as I adjust my page, title (- note: new title), and photos. I'm still learning!

My first week of being back in school has gone really well. Classes are super full-on this year (which is good, I suppose!) - no slacking at ALL this year. Miss G is LOVING going to care - which is a huge relief for me. :) I'm in the mid-year intake, so it's a much smaller class size - went from 100+ students to 35ish. Much better learning environment. ;-)

Funny story about my first week. A girl I just met, said to me, 'Do I detect an accent?' "Yes, I am from Minnesota, USA," I said. New classmate: "So, do you have permanent residency?" Me: "Um, yes?" Conversation kind of ended there b/c we had to go into class... Not sure if she was from immigration? Haha. Kind of giggled to myself. I'm guessing she was going to keep moving w/ the conversation, etc, but we just had to quit talking and never carried our conversation thru at the end of class.

This is my last week of doing the 'biggest loser' competition with some (new) friends. We've all been trying to loose weight, and for the most part, it's been successful. So far I'm in the lead (barely), and $300 is up for grabs! I'm not super concerned about the money, but I am very happy to be down 5.5 kilos/12 lbs so far! Group weight loss is the way to go - very encouraging - and super excited to have some new friends as well! :)

Well, I better get back to the homework I've been putting off - funny how much random things I can get done instead of doing home work... Wrote on Degen's blog, wrote a poem about Gretchen, cleaned off the desk, decorated kitchen... Yep, procrastination is my middle name!

Haere ra!