Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to my lovely friends and family! I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!! 


Things I'm Loving ... Good Books!

Linking in with the adventures of MNMs for this weeks things I'm Loving! 

In an effort to complete some of my 34 goals, I just finished reading the The Kite Runner.  LOVE.  A beautifully written book by Khaled Hosseini, and as described by iTunes movies, "An epic tale of fathers and sons, of friendship and betrayal, that takes us from the final days of Afghanistan's monarchy to the atrocities of the Taliban reign." Definitely worth a read, it also crosses off my goal of reading the books on the Whitcoulls Top 100... 

What do you use to record books you've read? I used to keep a spreadsheet, but always forgot if I read books or not... I started using Good Reads, and I'm enjoying the accessibility of that so far. It doesn't seem to have a few Kiwi author's books in the files, but all and all it's a good way for me to track what I have and haven't read. Especially when I get to the second hand book sales with my pal Alicia!! ;) 

Another lovely friend came into our household this week - and I'm loving her! Evie the Elf! She is our lovely Elf on the Shelf that came to live with us this holiday season!! She also brought lots of Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa - guess who was negotiating if she could open some!!! ;) 

I seriously LOVE that my family members all have iPhones. It's amazing how easy they are to connect via FaceTime with, so good. Especially on days I am sick and want my mom to make me things to feel better. I think I annoyed her with FaceTime today!! (Gastro bug, seriously yuk!) I'm also reminded how days like today make me thankful for my overall good health. {Touch wood.} I help so many people daily who are very ill, and a few days of gastro is nothing. 

I'm also loving my new computer!! My old MacBook Pro crashed last week - I managed to pull 
everything off of it I needed, thankfully! So when my new one came, I set it all up and gave Miss G the old one to play with. Low and behold, it's back to life! Seriously. I tried hard to resuscitate my MacBook!! She is amazing. Loving this photo of her and with Degen on the screen. So special. 

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Things I'm Loving - early November!

Wow! It's November!! How did that happen? We've been busy, busy! I'm adjusting to full-time nursing, Miss G's loving her in-home daycare and the MR Ed is still tinkering away on trucks and his car... (It does look pretty cool!)

Anywho, onto things I'm loving in November...

This weekend, we celebrated Guy Fawkes by having friends over for a BBQ and to watch the annual fireworks display put on by our local firefighters. I was having so much fun visiting, eating yummy food, drinking fantastic New Zealand wines and cuddling Miss G (who now thinks they are too scary and noisy)... that I didn't take a single photo! But, I promise, it was fun, and I'm loving we had the opportunity to catch-up with friends in good weather! :)

Loving the roses in our gardens!!

Sitting pretty at the Victoria Esplanade Gardens for a friends birthday party! 

I'm loving that I'm back at bootcamp this week! CAN. NOT. WAIT. Summer fitness, here we come! I'm planning on hiking Tongariro crossing this summer, so best get in shape for it!! Here we are hiking the Manawatu Gorge...

We've had some absolutely stunning family photos taken by the gorgeous Kim Sargent Photography. Sorry, no sneak peeks, as they are Christmas gifts! But, come the holidays, look for the redesign of my blog! (New year, new look!) Kim is AMAZING if you are in the Manawatu and looking for a photographer. Beautiful photos by a wonderfully talented lady. Love her!! :) Ok, maybe one TINY sneak peek!! PS, yes that is my thumb holding the photo... ;) 

I'm loving The Kite Runner as my latest read. I've just finished a few lovely Philippa Gregory books, so I'm welcoming the change in scenery. :) 

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High time for some High Tea

You guys! I've been MIA for an uber long time.... Life has been hectic!

Here's what I've been up to:

  • Becoming an officially official New Zealand Registered Nurse!!! yay!! Finished my final clinical placement, passed state finals, and finished! Bachelor of Nursing, check - done! Three years has gone by sooo quickly!! 
  • WORKING as a Registered Nurse!! I've been working for about eight weeks now in a specialized area of nursing... So much to learn, but absolutely loving it and so excited about the opportunity! 
  • Trying to juggle being a mom, working full-time, keeping the house clean (!?!?), feeding us health food daily, keeping in contact with friends and family, exercising regularly and going to bed by 9pm! Yipes! It's tiring! How do all you out there do it?!?! I would love some tips!! But, I think I'm finally getting into the swing of it... 
Anyways, onto the high tea! As many of you know, I am a 'member' of an exclusive group that NO ONE wants to belong to. But, thankfully it is there for those that need it - the Child Cancer Foundation. I haven't really been very active in the group recently, and thought that it's time for that to change. I need to continue to grieve, and it's amazing being with other mom's who have been on a similar journey... 

So another CCF mom, Tracy and I jumped in a car and headed to Wellington to meet up with other CCF mom's who 'get it'. High tea was just what we all needed, and we had such a fun time! Delicious!! :)

PS The cupcake was amazing. 


Muddy Puddles!

Miss G and I spent the day at home today - I have officially finished my clinical placement on Friday, and am busy procrastinating studying for Nursing State Finals on 16 July. (Wish me luck!!)

I also have a variation of Miss G's cold/chest infection she had last week... Not ideal, but hey, it's the winter season, it's to be expected... And, it gets me out of running? Right? No, probably shouldn't...

While I was off doing laundry this morning, Miss G was riding her 4x4 around the yard. All of a sudden, I hear some laughing and lots of splashing... Umm... Peeked around the corner to find a mischievous Miss G jumping in muddy puddles, as she says!! I was, quite bossily, informed to go away and go back inside because she was busy, getting into mischief?!?! What a character. She really cracks me up everyday!

She later asked if we can please go to playgroup. No, I reply, mommy doesn't go to playgroup with you - you go with Bestie K. Mommy, she replied quick as a wink, it's okay if you are a bit shy, I'll be with you.

Gosh. I don't know where she learns this. Don't you just love how kids are so honest and say it how it is? Keeps me on my toes! ;)

What kinds of things have your (or others) children said that have really thrown you off your game? I need to learn some quick replys. hehe. ;)

How did I miss THIS?!?! Or THIS?!?

Have a good Monday! xo

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Catching Up!!

Kia Ora friends and family!! Yes, I realise it has been TWO MONTHS since my last post. Eek!!

What's been happening around these parts? HEAPS. Like - I am on week 7 of my 9 week transition-to-placement FINAL, full-time clinical placement. Final - like, I will be sitting my state final exams on 16 July to become a Registered Nurse. Where has 3 years gone? How did this happen so quickly!?!? 

I have been working on some of my 34 Goals... I've signed up for a half-marathon (what was I thinking!?!?), reading like a mad woman (loving Overdrive), have a job offer (WOOHOO!!!), and wrapping up my degree to name a few!

Miss G is HILARIOUS at 2 1/2 years old. Everyday she says something absolutely comical and witty! It's just so fun to watch her grow up and see how quickly she picks up the smallest of things. It's great. She is absolutely obsessed with Finding Nemo - will be great to take her to the movies when Finding Nemo 2 comes out!  She also loves Pocoyo and Dora - good times. She loves going to daycare - as she gets to play with her best buddy. She typically walks into the house without looking back. Miss Independent!

MR Ed has been plugging away at work, cutting firewood and sneaking in a few low-key trips in his rotary. He managed to wrangle a trip up to the Bay of Plenty to see his parents with Miss G. They had a very fun time away (I was on unpaid shifts! Boo!), and I got in plenty of reading time in front of the fire with Pixie, Daisy and Diesel! (As well as my clinical hours...)

My sister and her family have officially moved back stateside. (Devastated!) Will definitely miss my siso, bro-in-law, our Taupo holiday home and of course my sweet Kiki!! Gotta love FaceTime... Hoping for a USA holiday next year...

Also, the MR's brother and sister-in-law have moved over to Aussie! Very exciting opportunity for them both - and can't wait to come for a holiday! ;)

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Things I'm Loving: AUCKLAND!

Linking in with Meghan for this week edition of 

Last weekend, we loaded up the ol' Suby and headed up to Auckland for a whirlwind weekend of FUN. 

It was my sister's 30th birthday celebration and we headed up to the Mexican Cafe for a fun family gathering on Sat eve. 

Miss G LOVES Mexican food!! 


We had a table(s) of 20 - complete with 7 kids! (4 under 3!) Excellent food, great atmosphere and AWESOME company!

Headed north of Auckland for some fun with my absolute favorite English family. 
Loved catching up with them! 

Miss G loved Dinky! (But was too scared to ride!)

My favs - Debbie and Guy!

Tegs and her gorgeous horse! 
My Bro was in town for 24-hours of fun - and we braved to rain to hit the Auckland Zoo

Chasing a 2-year-old is not an easy task! ;)

The awkward moment the emu attacks you?

"Hurry, there's more animals!"


Toured a bit of Auckland city - mostly got lost and couldn't find parking. Felt like a bit of a hillbilly. ;) 

Uncle Dano and the girls. (Miss G's nickname for my bro.)


No one was playing the game with me! ;) 

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Things I'm loving- April!

One of my goals for the year was to blog a few times per week... Um. Unrealistic - I'm a bit busy. BUT, now that I am writing an assignment, I *obviously* have some free time. Ok, not really. Procrastination much? It's my LAST undergraduate portfolio. And, it's due on Monday. And, it's on cultural safety. Which, of course, is very, very important in healthcare, but... not as exciting to write 3K words on...

Anywho! Here's what fun I've been up to so far this month... 

 Hen's Night out! Charlie's Angels!
(Everyone dressed up with the letter "C", as the brides name is Catherine!) 

Wedding this Saturday! CAN. NOT. WAIT. Follow me on Instagram - I'm sure I'll post. 

Perfecting our pose in the Palmerston North Square!

Having fun with friends in The Plaza! (How cute are they!?!?) 

Hauling silage with daddy!! 

Tomato harvest. Yum! 

Helping with wood! NEARLY time to light the fire! 

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Let It Rain...

Here in the Manawatu, we haven't had a 'good' rain since January... That is quite a long time - considering it is the 18th of March!

Check out these images of New Zealand - comparing the landscape of March 2012 to present day March 2013. Insane!

We are on tank water - which was a very unusual concept for me - coming from Minnesota. Where, half of the year, the tank would have been frozen! But, since we barely even REACH freezing here, collecting rain water is perfect. Except in a drought... Then come the water restrictions (self-imposed)... I guess being on a tank is a really good way to monitor your own water usage, as you can visibly 'see' your levels. And, once you are out - you gotta BUY more... 

Luckily, the rain came, just as we had about 1/3 of our tank left - and we've topped up again. Yay! 

No water for the pool. Miss G and Little Bee still had fun though!

Despite the lack of rain, the garden tomatoes and capsicums have been thriving! 

Salsa time! 
Dry weather is PERFECT for grapes! Miss G loves to go in and 'search' for grapes. Yum! 

Yum! NOTHING beats grapes fresh from the vine! 

Top Gear was filming here in NZ - check out what Jeremy had to say about Palmy!

I just turned in nearly my last assignment... Let's just say I was up a bit late... And, here is how I set me alarm to make sure I did get up and physically drop it into school... 

It's never good when you have to set multiple alarms... 

So, today is a quite day for Miss G and I - here's she's loving her PlayDough! Mommy is NOT loving how messy the house has gotten - but that's ok. Daddy was awesome yesterday, and he took Miss G into town, got rid of the recycling and did the weekly grocery shop! Yep, he's a keeper! 

Have a good Monday everyone! 


Things I'm Loving - MKR!!

Ok, seriously, I'm loving My Kitchen Rules! Loving! Whose your fav? I'm loving Smiley Sam and Chris! Absolutely love this show - so addicting!

I'm loving this little misses cute new fringe (bangs) cut! And, especially of how proud she is! She was such a big girl - sat absolutely still while getting her hair cut. Such a pro!

I'm loving that I'm turning in my 2nd to last paper on Monday! ONE class, then my transition-to-practice to go! Whoop! Where has 3 years gone? Bachelor of Nursing - here you come! Nearly an RN! ;)

I'm loving how silly and fun my gorgeous rainbow baby is! She is one in a million with her cheekiness! Just a peach! And she loves Pixie, her faithful friend!

I'm loving that I can talk for free to my besties in the USA! Loving our random conversation about snow, country music, timezones, Chinese food, tequila... I totally missed that it was STILL Wednesday in North Dakota - YES. Did not forget birthday! ;)

I'm loving that I have re-connected with a cousin - and discovered her blog. Check it out - it's great! And, while you are there - join in her 40 Days of Wisdom! Can't wait! 

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