♥ 34...

Bucket List... To Do List...  Goals... Wish List... However you say it - here is my list of 34 things to do whilst I am in my 34th year... Wish me Luck!!!

  1. ✔ Graduate with my 2nd Bachelors Degree - Bachelor of Nursing.
  2. ✔ Get job as RN!
  3. Go camping with a toddler! 
  4. Make Lefse.
  5. Attempt surfing.
  6. Catch a fish. In the Ocean.
  7. ✔ Visit Wellington ZOO!
  8. Finish (a) cross-stitch project! (I have many, many on the go...)
  9. Visit Hobbiton
  10. Learn to Crochet.
  11. Hike Tongario Crossing.
  12. Convince my brother to Blog/share his epic adventures! 
  13. Learn to use my Nikon DSLR.
  14. Run a half-marathon.
  15. Hike Mt Taranaki/Egmont.
  16. Create my dream home.
  17. Make a Pavlova.
  18. Snow ski on the South Island.
  19. ✔ Art Deco Weekend Napier - Girls weekend away!
  20. Try vegetarianism for 21 days. 
  21. Photoblock hallway and lounge.
  22. Sew Miss G a dress.
  23. Host a Thanksgiving sit-down dinner.
  24. Visit Gisborne. 
  25. Drive the Napier-Taihape Road.
  26. Go horse trekking! 
  27. Start writing a book about Degen's journey.
  28. Teach Miss G to fly a kite. 
  29. Visit the seal colony. 
  30. Bake a cake for a friend on their birthday.
  31. Perform a random act of kindness.
  32. Read 50 books.
  33. Photograph and publicly display some of NZ's beauty.
  34. Complete a triathlon.