Things I'm Loving - Mangahao-Makahika Track

Linking up with Paisley Jade for this week's edition of Things I'm Loving...

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

Plans changed a bit for us this Easter last minute and unfortunately we were no longer able to get away.  So we decided to turn it into an opportunity and had an amazing 'stay-cation' being tourists at home! 

I headed into ZING YOGA on Friday morning for a bit of re-energizing and re-aligning. Perfect. Love Nat. Anyone in the Palmy area - should definitely visit Nat for all of their yoga needs. Amazing. Miss G had a fun morning playing with her friend Sophie and Mr Ed was out with the boys for the day.

Saturday, we decided to get out into the bush and explore some more of the amazing country we live in! Tramping boots on and off we were! The Te Araroa Trail, The Long Pathway, is a 3,000 km trail stretching from Cape Reinga in the far north to Bluff at the bottom of the south island. We jumped on the trail just behind Shannon, and hiked 2 1/2 hours of the Mangahao-Makahika Track. Love

Miss G and Mr Ed all ready to go at the start of the track! 

A beautiful fantail followed us for the first few minutes. LOVE.

So adorable! 

Amazing scenery! 

Had to get a photo of Pixie and I! 

On the way back down! 
 It was a very fun day, and we decided not to take advantage of the beautiful scenery - we need to get out more! We aren't planning to be here for heaps longer, so really must check off some more of our 'must-see' list! So, hopefully we will find some more 'dog-friendly' tracks to explore in the next couple months! 
Loving the perfect days we've had to do so! 

Easter service started our Sunday -  fabulous church service - followed by a lovely lunch on George Street. We then took in the NZ Model Trucks display and enjoyed seeing all the hard work people put into their great models. Love. Easter dinner was quite festive for us - 2nd annual dinner with good friends. Awesome time with all the kids and friends. House was again packed, but it was lovely to spend together. 

Today [Monday] we got rolling mid-morning, and split another load of firewood. Our sheds are PACKED with wood - which we are loving. Must stay warm in the winter! 

So all and all, we had a fabulous stay-cation. Loving the weather, loving the meaning of the season, loving spending quality time with good mates and loving seeing some more of the countryside. 

Happy Easter everyone! xx