Muddy Puddles!

Miss G and I spent the day at home today - I have officially finished my clinical placement on Friday, and am busy procrastinating studying for Nursing State Finals on 16 July. (Wish me luck!!)

I also have a variation of Miss G's cold/chest infection she had last week... Not ideal, but hey, it's the winter season, it's to be expected... And, it gets me out of running? Right? No, probably shouldn't...

While I was off doing laundry this morning, Miss G was riding her 4x4 around the yard. All of a sudden, I hear some laughing and lots of splashing... Umm... Peeked around the corner to find a mischievous Miss G jumping in muddy puddles, as she says!! I was, quite bossily, informed to go away and go back inside because she was busy, getting into mischief?!?! What a character. She really cracks me up everyday!

She later asked if we can please go to playgroup. No, I reply, mommy doesn't go to playgroup with you - you go with Bestie K. Mommy, she replied quick as a wink, it's okay if you are a bit shy, I'll be with you.

Gosh. I don't know where she learns this. Don't you just love how kids are so honest and say it how it is? Keeps me on my toes! ;)

What kinds of things have your (or others) children said that have really thrown you off your game? I need to learn some quick replys. hehe. ;)

How did I miss THIS?!?! Or THIS?!?

Have a good Monday! xo

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