Procrastination 101

I have 3 essays and 1 big exam looming... And, I really *should* be writing the said essays, but instead I am finding so many other projects that really MUST get done! ;)

Procrastination 101:

4 kilos of tomatoes soon to be pasta sauce... 
Sewing projects that just must get done...
Birthday parties that must be attended... 
And, pages that just must be colored! 
See we are FAR to busy out here! Hope the start to your week has been a good one!


Things I'm loving on FRIDAY!

Linking up with Paisley Jade for Things I'm loving... on Friday!!

I'm loving that Miss G was a bit unsure of New Zealand hunting legend and Swazi founder Davey Hughes. I bought his book Untamed for my brother Dan, who is also a bit of a hunting guru ... Take notes Dan - keep a journal.. and grow your hair long! ;) PS the book is hilarious - great adventures! My husband knows Davey from back in the day (pre-Swazi), so we had quite a fun visit with him.

Myself, Miss G and Davey Hughes
I'm also loving the hat I bought for $5 at the Central Districts Field Days (as above)... 

Loving spending a couple quiet days at home with Miss G. Had lots of fun baking in our aprons! Yummy banana muffins, cookies, etc. Yum! 

Miss G is loving her baby - and basically all babies she comes in contact with. Sooo cute! I think we are missing our cousin, Miss K!! ;) 

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Things I'm Loving - 1 March

Linking up with Paisley Jade for Things I'm LOVING on 2 March!

LOVING the photos that Morwenna @ Keepsake Photography captured for Miss G's first birthday and cousin Keira's 4-week photos! Of course, we had to sneek in some photos of all of us girls! Aren't they great? LOVING them!!
Miss G 

So Big!! Me and Miss G! :)

Me, Miss G, Gma, Baby K and Sissy

LOVING that Gma spent 2 months with us in New Zealand! Loving that she takes the opportunity to leave a Minnesota winter and come visit us girls in the New Zealand!! Miss G LOVED having Gma stay - and so cool they have so many fun memories together now! Yay!! LOVED having her here and we were all super sad to see her go home yesterday. But, looking forward to visiting the USA this summer! :) 

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