Things I'm Loving - 19 November


Things I'm Loving - 19 November...

I'm loving the Handmade Tilda Christmas Swap I just participated in. I didn't know Tilda existed until now and I LOVE it! :) So cute! And such fun ideas for Christmas, etc. Yay! 

I was paired with Fiona, who I might add, is a brilliant sewer!! Her work is gorgeous - so I was sooo excited to see what she had sent me. I was too excited so I opened the package before I even got into the house! I can't wait to start on the next Tilda project courtesy of Fiona. :) Love, love, love! Thank you so much! 

Gorgeous angel wings. 

Beautiful, Beautiful, beautiful! :)

Now, my sewing skills are nothing compared to Fiona. But, I did have an absolute TON of fun making these cute little penguins!  I'm thinking I may have to make some more - aren't the adorable? I also sent Fiona some Kiwiana fat-quarters, jingle bells to use (on the penguins?) and some kiwi Pineapple lumps. Yum! Very, very fun swap! Will have to try another one at some stage! :)

And, of course I'm loving this little darling! 

I'm loving my placement - I'm in a great ward and I'm learning to much. Amazing preceptors. Loving! Four more weeks to go! It's going to be BUSY, but wonderful! First exam on Monday - better get cracking!! 



things i'm loving...


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I'm loving that I had trick-or-treaters today - a rarity in New Zealand. And, of course, I had no candy for the occasion... so, off they went with a bag of Pineapple Lumps I had sitting in a package to get mailed out tomorrow... Guess I'm off to the grocery store for more... ;-) And, quite possibly some more candy!! I really enjoy Halloween, and I'm sad it's not celebrated here like in the USA - but it is ever increasing! Now, to find a costume to put Miss G in for photos... 

I'm super duper loving that pretty soon I will meet this little bubba!! Can't wait!!! 

rosebud (27 wks), sissy, me and miss g (9 months)

And, I'm loving that my (3 hour!) mental health exam is over - and that I am off on (2) placement(s) til Feb!! Fun! 


Oh Lucky Day!

 I quickly checked my emails the other day and I found I had won a $100 Glassons voucher and a $50 Number 1 Shoes voucher! I found Mama Moo's blog and facebook page, loved it, entered the competition and won! Fabulous! Now to go shopping... oh, what to buy... Very exciting!!


Things I'm Loving!

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I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.

I'm LOVING that one of my besties from college (Uni to kiwi's) had a beautiful baby girl!  Karina Leigh - what a gorgeous name for a beautiful girl and awesome family! Congrats Sarah & Jesse!! She's amazing!

I'm LOVING  that Auntie Trace was able to fill the gaps this {busy} week and watch Miss G! Don't know what we would do with out you!! xx

I'm LOVING that Miss G and I SKYPED with Grandma,  Great-Grandma and Uncle Dan this week! Miss G and Uncle Dan had a noise competition - very funny! {Miss G can go quite a bit higher in pitch then Uncle Dan...}

I'm LOVING the kiwifruit/raisins muffins I made this week. Yum!

I'm LOVING that I'm going to be getting out on my road bike this week -Taupo here I come! (Cycling the relay with a couple friends from netball.)

I'm LOVING the craft book I just received in the post! What an *AWESOME* surprise. Love it!! Thank you so much Cat! :)  My sewing list is getting bigger and bigger - I love it! :) 
Catalina's Cottage

I'm LOVING that I was cleaning boxes out of the garage (from when we moved nearly a year ago) and found my square silver Tiffany's ring I've been missing!! Yay! Needs a good polish, but at least I found it!

I'm LOVING catching up with girlfriends for lunch! The rain went away in time!

I'm LOVING that my cute baby girl is 9-months old! Time is moving so quickly... :)


Daffodil Farm - photos!

Last month, we had some family photos done at a Daffodil Farm in the Hawk's Bay with Lucy Sara Photography. We were so lucky, had a beautiful day and Miss G was *ALL* smiles! Here is a sneak peak...

All Smiles!

Embracing my craftiness...

Well, I've decided to embrace my craftiness and join in on a Handmade Tilda Christmas swap. I'm very excited and have already found some super cute (and yummy!) things to put in my partner's gift! 

I'll post what I did after the swap, so she can't see what I'm sending... Sneaky, I know. :) 


Finished Book

Just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns last night. ♥ That pretty much sums it up. ♥ Really, really enjoyed it. Give it a go, it's a wonderful story. ♥ 


Things I'm LOVING... on this *beautiful* Friday!

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I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.

Wow, I am LOVING this beautiful weather! Yesterday, Miss G, Pixie and I did manage a walk on the beach - good fun! Today, hmm, not sure yet. Perhaps we will lay by the pool, catch some rays (me) and play in the grass (G)! 

I am LOVING that exams are over! Phew! (For now anyways.)

I am LOVING that I have 'off' until Tuesday! Getting some time in the garden - planting my lettuce, radishes, peas, tomatoes, etc. 

I am LOVING that my house is getting a good spring clean while I am off (by me)! 

I am LOVING the big fruit box I ordered online. Yum! Can't wait to make up some delicious dishes. 

I am LOVING the new book I started -  A 1000 Splendid Suns. Nearly half way through it and just picked it up a couple days ago... Hmm. Pool, book, sun... Sounding good... :) 

And, of course, I am LOVING this little princess! 


And breathe...

"And breathe..."

If you are {lucky enough} to practice yoga with Nat from ZING YOGA - you would recognize the quote... She's famous for it - reminding us all to take a breath and just breathe. Release into the moment, stretch and relax...

I *FINALLY* feel like I can take a breath now - six exams. Yes, SIX, in September. {Three x A+, and three yet to be marked. Yikes!} I feel exhausted, brain drained and also relieved. Yay! I know they won't be my hardest exams in the next 2 years, but a month of serious knuckling down and studying is hard work! Esp when you have such an amazing cutie to distract you!!! So, fingers crossed on the last three. I know I put a lot of pressure on myself to get A's, but it's worth it. :)

 {Little plug for Nat: If you are in Palmy, I highly recommend Nat for an amazing class - not necessarily the most serious of yoga, but that is her wonderful style! It's serious at times - but it's also a good time with wonderful people, and a good laugh. Bliss.}

So, now I have "off" until my Mental Health class starts up on Tuesday! Yipee! Miss G is currently taking her mid-morning nap and {after I update blog} I will be tidying up the much neglected house! However, the sun is shining, there is no wind, so I'm hearing a calling from the beach... Will see how the day goes!! I can't resist a good walk on the beach with my fabulous Miss G and Pixie!

Otherwise not too much happening around here. Catching some rugby world cup games on telly when we can, Mr Ed's been working on his project car in the evenings and Miss G has been playing with Miss K (17 months and 3rd cousin) when she's in care (and I'm studying).

Quite excited to dig into my cross stitch project I started this winter {before school started up}. Knitting and crocheting are in my "to learn" pile that one day I will get to...

Well, better carry on before Miss G wakes up! Here's another adorable pix of my baby model. :)


The Memory Keeper's Daughter...

I just finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter - fabulous book. I really enjoyed the story and how it evoked a range of emotions within myself - anger, sympathy, empathy, happiness, etc. I really enjoy a good read, and this one was just delicious.

I do firmly believe that a person must be in a good head space for a book though. For example, I just can't get into a really deep book right now - The Story of Q - but hopefully I will be able to when I am on holiday. I am really looking forward to the read, but I think I have a bit much on right now. ;-)

Exam on Monday, 26th - and it's a 3-hour exam. Yipes. Have been in at uni studying this week, and have been doing ok on my practice exams for nursing assessments, pharmo, but not sooo great on the patho... Best be hitting the books some more. Plenty of time. ;-)
(Thankfully I finished the book - although, I use books as my 'unwinding' just before bed.)

Miss G is fully into her food now - which is neat. However, it is a bit tricky to be nutritious, delicious and creative for babies... Maybe I'm overthinking it - but I like her to have a good variety. So far, her favs are avocado, banana, yogurt, fish, carrots and pumpkin. (separately, not together.) Honestly, she seems to take after her momma, and really doesn't dislike any foods... (which is bad when you are older and trying to lose baby weight. haha)

Well, off to bed now - heaps to do tomorrow. Mostly study, study, study!! :)


Things I'm LOVING!


I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.

Things I'm loving today... 

Loving that I was able to stay home with my baby this week - we had so much fun!! 

Wizard of OZ anyone?? Loving my laughs! I had a good laugh when I came around the corner and found her like this... 

There she is!! 

Loving her smiles - such a clever girl! 

Loving how cute she is during nap time! :)

Loving SKYPE'ing with my parents - Miss G always puts on a good show for her American grandparents. :)

Loving the windy, rainy, cool weather today - b/c it keeps us indoors and I can get some study done! 

Loving that 3 of my 6 September exams are over! 

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I've Got Sunshine...

I've been home this week with Miss G, in two part  - 1, My friend that watches G while I'm at school, her son has chicken pox, and 2, I'm on study-leave, so good time to stay home with her. Let's just say I haven't been able to study as much as I would in the library, but it's been way more fun!!

Yesterday, we took a bit of a break and went for a walk around the village. So G was all bundled up in her stroller, Pixie on her leash and off we went!

Along the way, we stopped at the local park...
Lovely day for playing in the park!

Miss G enjoying the sunshine and swinging!

On the horse...

What is Pixie doing? 
 Very fun to spend some time in the sunshine and playing at the park. G absolutely had a blast and was laughing the whole time in the swing. Luckily this park isn't too far from our house! And, it's fully fenced in. Perfect. :)

I put G down for her nap, and heard a lot of noise from her room, so I went to investigate...
Playing is so much more fun than sleeping mommy! 

I see you!!
Note: leg is getting ready to go into standing! 
She's loving learning how to pull herself up now - so nothing is safe anymore! It's very fun to see her learning and developing so quickly! If only I could learn that quickly... ;-)

Now, off to study... Good luck to me! ;-)


Eight Months!!

Miss G is eight months old today! Wow! And, she's just so fun and amazing - I just love watching her grow and develop! Since she's been crawling for a week or so now, that must be boring for her, b/c she's now pulling herself up on the sofa, exersaucer, TV stand, cupboards, doors, ottomans, you name it, she's trying to stand up by it!

Model pose!

We had a fun day today SKYPE'ing w/ Gma, Gpa and Uncle Dan in Minnesota- she always puts on a good show! Had a bit of a laugh when she was crawling to get a hold of my laptop, and I kept pushing it away from her - until we were all the way in her bedroom from the lounge! Must have tuckered her out, all that crawling, b/c she took a long nap this afternoon! :)

Getting into trouble...

Had a good laugh this morning, when I went to check on G during her nap and found her with her pants off! I had pants on her, and she must have decided she was over them, b/c during the course of her 'nap' she pulled them off and was having a dandy time playing with them! She is soooo funny!

E and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday - complete with Chinese takeaways. (yum!) We've been through more than most, and have come out together and stronger. I think that's what it's all about. :)


Miss G had 3 (YES, THREE) birthday parties this weekend, and we made 2 of them. She was just absolutely worn out and we couldn't quite make the 3rd! But, we did drop by and give the gift. :) It was very fun to get dressed up and mingle with all the other kiddo-s, G is quite the social butterfly!

Nearly there with my September nursing exams - 3 down and 3 to go! Waiting back on my mark for my care plan essay, but I earned a 100% on drugs calcs and 100% on my cardio/resp physical assessment. Yay! :)

Just realized I used heaps of exclamation points - so sorry about that. Apparently, I am quite excited about today. :)


Peeking out!

Hello, hello. Well, I have finished two exams, and have four left to go this month. Yipes! Bring on October, that's all I have to say about that. This year is definitely a lot more intense, which is fabulous. And, more interesting.  Combine that was a wonderful little Miss and we have one busy momma. But, I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

We just celebrated Father's Day here in NZ on Sunday - Miss G and daddy-o got to spend the morning together while I was at work. The weather was *amazing* so we spent the afternoon outside gardening and enjoying the sunshine. I think the MR is going for our village 'Garden of the Year' as he is really sprucing it up! I was concentrating on our gardens that provide a bit of bang for their buck - my veggies. I can hardly wait until I can get my tomatoes in!! I have a lot of area plotted for vege this year, and I'm quite excited about that!! 

Pretty in pink!
Miss G started crawling this week - properly crawling - on all fours. She's still a bit cautious, but has stopped commando crawling/rolling to move around. Everyday she's getting that much more speed behind her... She's 8 months on the 13th - where has time gone!!??!!??

Netball season came to a close on Saturday with my team taking the championship of our grade! We played against our other club team and won 18-14, so a very close game! I play Goal Attack - that above is a pix of me shooting it in. :) 

Well, best get onto making dinner. Loving the sunshine and that daylight is getting longer... Spring is coming!! yay!! :)


Shhh... Studying here!

Been *really* busy with school this week, so I've been super quite on the blog. Have an essay due in two weeks, along with a drug calculations exam and a respiratory/cardiovascular patient assessment exam. Yipes! Classes have been really interesting, and I think of heaps to write about on here, but I've been knuckling down and hitting the books lately. {But I do have ideas for future blogs!}

Just a couple cute pix to share of Miss G. We managed to sneak away to the beach on Monday with a friend. It was such a lovely day to take Pixie (dog) for a run and for the rest of us some sunshine! :)

Rach and Miss G enjoying the beach!
I think Miss G is telling stories! 

Cute girl checking out the gorgeous flowers in the yard. :)
We had a bit of excitement here with the recent snow - it was in the news quite a bit and was really fun. I haven't really been around snow in quite a few years now, so it was exciting to see it falling from the sky. Even though it didn't stick!

Miss G and I taking our photo in the 'snow'...

Snowing! (It's not meant to snow here!)

Finished a book off my list - A Fine Balance. I really enjoyed the book and am kind of quite sad I've finished it. Give it a go, it's a really well written book and it was just lovely really. :)

Well, off to bed for this nursing student / mommy. Mornings come waaayyy to early! :)


Things I'm LOVING!

Things I'm LOVING!! 

I'm LOVING that this cutie is going to be 7 MONTHS tomorrow (13 Aug)! 
(Look at all that drool!!)

I'm LOVING all the studying I did this week! 
(However, I still need another week This year is full-on!)

I'm LOVING the nice lady at the supermarket today. She was behind me in the check-out and helped pushed my trolley to the car since I was carrying Miss G and struggling with an overflowing trolley! Thank you! LOVING random acts of kindness! 

LOVING the second-hand rocking chair I won for my sissy on Trade Me. Awesome buy for $26 and lovely people I picked it up from! 
It's going to look fab when it's re-covered! Any suggestion on colors? 

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Who wouldn't procrastinate?

When someone this sweet is distracting you? 

Watching cartoons while mommy reads!
Such a beautiful day here - loved the sunshine and great weather. Managed to get some studying done while Miss G napped - which is great! Even got to SKYPE with Gma, Gpa  and Uncle in the USA - Miss G put on a good show in her Jolly Jumper! 

Well, must carry on... Only 3 study days left!!