I ♥ 34?

So, I turned 34 this month. THIRTY-FOUR. Eek. Sounds big. I am more mid-30s, than early 30s... And, closer to 40... Do I really care though? No. Honestly, I don't... {Although, probably because I am constantly told I look like I'm in my late 20s... *fist pump*}

I have decided to follow suit with quite a few of my friends and create 'goals' of fun, possibly unattainable 'things to do', while I'm 34 years of age!

Link up top - keep an eye out and see what I've been up to! And, if you want to join along - let's link in!! I would love to hear about your adventures!!

I ♥ 34... - SarahMarie's adventures while I'm 34...

PS. New year, new hairstyle. Had nearly a foot taken off - but you would hardly notice because I wear it up at all times! Super easy, and looks good both curly and straight. Loving it!

Straight hair, right from the salon.

With my friend, enjoying Napier, curly hair.


Nutella Brownies!

So, I found this recipe for Nutella Brownies online, and - I have some Nutella to use up! Perfect! 

The best helper! Modeling with the Nutella! 

Super stirrer! Loves to help Mommy and Gramma bake! 

Loving it! Model pose! {or possibly, mom, quit taking photos of me!}

Before it went into the oven - look at all that chocolate yumminess! 

Yummy!! Tracy - these are coming your way tomorrow!! Hope you love chocolate!! ;) 

Joining in with Fun with Food!


♥ Exploring: Bridge to Nowhere...

exploring beautiful New Zealand, and the Bridge to Nowhere had been on my 'Bucket List' for quite some time. 

So, when the Mr came home and said his work Christmas-do was headed there - WE WERE IN. 
(He wasn't as enthused, originally. But LOVED it in the end.)

The Bridge to Nowhere History is quite fascinating - This simple concrete bridge symbolises a failed attempt at back country pioneering by a community of returned World War 1 servicemen and their families.

 Can you imagine trying to FARM this?!?! 

The land in Whanganui National Park is very remote, hilly and WILD. And incredibly gorgeous

We arrived in Pipiriki, after a very long, and winding trip to get there, and went via jetboat to the Bridge to Nowhere landing. You can also canoe or kayak - and we did see plenty of people enjoying the river this way as well.  

Here we go! (It's actually a very easy walk to the bridge from the river.) 

Start of our hike! 

After we visited the Bridge to Nowhere, we went via jetboat to the lodge for a yummy dinner. 

Want to stay here for a holiday? Check it out - Lodge & Tours. Awesome place, great atmosphere  yummy food and amazing views! (No, I am not paid, just really enjoyed it!)

Mr Ed enjoying the view and a cold one... 

Have you been on a jetboat? Because, you should. Such good fun!! 


Things I'm Loving: Wellington Zoo!

Linking in with Meghan!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Last weekend, we loaded up the SUV and were off to the Wellington Zoo!

Poor Gma was squished in the back with Miss G and Cousin K! :)
Miss G was getting a bit sleepy, but caught her 2nd wind when we got to the zoo!!

Loving all of the animals, the perfect weather and great company! What a fun day!! Miss G absolutely adored the small monkeys! She was just laughing at them playing and running around in their area. {Not a fan of the bigger animals. Esp the 'naughty monkeys'.} 

Taught Miss G how to say, "Lions, and Tigers, and Bears... Oh My!" So, guess what we've been hearing lately... Too funny though! 

Cousin K enjoyed seeing all of the animals up close as well - it's just so fun seeing the look of delight on the girls faces! 

Wellington Zoo is such a great zoo for families - you can bring in your picnic lunch and just have a very fun couple hours!

We will definitely visit again! :)

{Obviously, I found this quite funny!}