Things I'm LOVING

Well, I am *nearly* finished with nursing school for the year - I am going out on my community placement on Monday for 6 weeks, of 40 hours/week. Really looking forward to it, it should be quite good fun! I was meant to go out last week, but my placement was unexpectedly canceled, and thankfully my lecturer found me another one. It is in a neighboring town, but should be quite fun and a good experience nonetheless...

So, Miss G and I have had THREE weeks together! Talk about fun times - we've been getting into all sorts of mischief and fun! Riding bikes with her little mouse, playing beauty parlor with mom, changing tires with dad, photo shoots and well, then I found her with her bike on the bed! She was getting ready to jump it off... Needless to say, bike is an outside only toy now...

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Dandy Handy

How cute is this? Seriously. Such a good 'helper' for daddy! And, she's fully into the grease and definitely not afraid to get dirty! She is definitely not a 'girly girl'!! Love it!


Book Club: Winter Rose

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I have recently read The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. Actually, I just finished it today. It is the 2nd book in a 3-part triology - of The Tea Rose, The Winter Rose and The Wild Rose. It follows the story of the Finnegan family siblings - a poor family from East London who lost their parents and baby sister drastically, their individual rise to success, and the books detail each of the siblings finding true love.

The book really captivated me, and I really hated to put it down. The Winter Rose focused on the middle brother, Charlie, or Sid as he have become known - and how he finds, loses and finds his love again... The book brings you around the globe, and in such detail, that you feel as though you are there.

I would highly recommend this trilogy to anyone - it's such a captivating and delightful read. I find myself a bit sad that the story is now over... (I have already read 1 and 3...)

Good stuff and happy reading!