3 Months of Bliss!

Miss G celebrated her 3-month birthday on Weds! We had quite a busy day - we went to a seminar on Baby Talk - and are planning to teach Miss G baby sign. Apparently we can start doing the signs with her now (just a couple) and she will be picking them up and using them around the 9-month mark! Very cool! So we are starting with milk - and then add in some words as we go on. I've had some friends use baby sign and have good results with it, so I'm hoping Miss G is able to use it as well.

3-months old!

We also had Gretchen's Plunket check-up - she's weighing in at 5.06kg (25%) and 60.5cm (75%).  She's such a happy wee dot - and LOVES her voice! When she squeals with delight and it sounds like cats fighting! I kid you not - it is absolutely HILAROUS! Mom, Dad and Dan were on SKYPE with us Weds afternoon - and as usual, she put on a good show.

 I can't believe how quickly the past 3 months have gone - may the good times continue to roll on! :)

Have a great Friday everyone!