June bug!

Wow, can't believe it's *JUNE* already! Where does the time go?

Tomorrow Miss G has her Plunket 5-month weigh and measure! *Five* months! WOW! She is doing all the wonderful things a 5-month old does. Babbling, sticking everything in her mouth, chewing on EVERYTHING possible, grabbing toys, rolling over, etc, etc. She still loves her musical gym, but I can hardly get her to sit in her bumbo chair! She is just plain not interested in sitting - she wants to STAND. Yipes!

Love my exersaucer! 
We've been enjoying an Indian Summer here in NZ, which is great! Yesterday I took Miss G and Pixie out for a walk and I only had a tee-shirt and jeans on! yay! Although, once again, I can hear the cats squishing as they walk across the lawn - it is so wet and boggy! It would be very nice if the gardens and lawns could dry out a tish so my vege can grow! :)

Quick shout out to my cousin Heather - congrats on your wedding! I heard it was gorgeous! ;-)