Things I'm Loving...

I'm loving that Miss G is over her cold - she had a *very* high temp on Sunday eve and Monday, and thankfully it came down and even her stuffy nose has gone away.

I'm loving catching up with friends for a Friday morning tea! So fun to gossip, have yummy baked goods, coffee and revel in good company!

I'm loving my new rose brooch. So gorgeous and handmade! Some people are just so talented! (If you want a rose brooch, pm me and I will give you the TM sellers details - only in NZ, sorry!)

I'm loving that my wonderful hubby brought home a trailer load of dry wood to keep our home nice and warm! Growing up in Minnesota, I just *hate* being cold! And, thanks to the wind from Antarctica, it's a tish chilly!

I'm loving that my sissy will be back in New Zealand in a week! Can't wait to see her and her hubby after their month-long holiday in the USA (back home!)!!

I'm loving that my pre-preggy jeans fit loosely again. It's been a bit of work, but the weight is finally coming off. yay!

I'm loving my cross-stitch project I'm working on!

I'm loving that I'm back in Nursing School on Monday! And,  loving that Miss G will be going to a good friend during the day. :)

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