Catching Up!!

Kia Ora friends and family!! Yes, I realise it has been TWO MONTHS since my last post. Eek!!

What's been happening around these parts? HEAPS. Like - I am on week 7 of my 9 week transition-to-placement FINAL, full-time clinical placement. Final - like, I will be sitting my state final exams on 16 July to become a Registered Nurse. Where has 3 years gone? How did this happen so quickly!?!? 

I have been working on some of my 34 Goals... I've signed up for a half-marathon (what was I thinking!?!?), reading like a mad woman (loving Overdrive), have a job offer (WOOHOO!!!), and wrapping up my degree to name a few!

Miss G is HILARIOUS at 2 1/2 years old. Everyday she says something absolutely comical and witty! It's just so fun to watch her grow up and see how quickly she picks up the smallest of things. It's great. She is absolutely obsessed with Finding Nemo - will be great to take her to the movies when Finding Nemo 2 comes out!  She also loves Pocoyo and Dora - good times. She loves going to daycare - as she gets to play with her best buddy. She typically walks into the house without looking back. Miss Independent!

MR Ed has been plugging away at work, cutting firewood and sneaking in a few low-key trips in his rotary. He managed to wrangle a trip up to the Bay of Plenty to see his parents with Miss G. They had a very fun time away (I was on unpaid shifts! Boo!), and I got in plenty of reading time in front of the fire with Pixie, Daisy and Diesel! (As well as my clinical hours...)

My sister and her family have officially moved back stateside. (Devastated!) Will definitely miss my siso, bro-in-law, our Taupo holiday home and of course my sweet Kiki!! Gotta love FaceTime... Hoping for a USA holiday next year...

Also, the MR's brother and sister-in-law have moved over to Aussie! Very exciting opportunity for them both - and can't wait to come for a holiday! ;)

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