Things I'm Loving!

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I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.

I'm LOVING that one of my besties from college (Uni to kiwi's) had a beautiful baby girl!  Karina Leigh - what a gorgeous name for a beautiful girl and awesome family! Congrats Sarah & Jesse!! She's amazing!

I'm LOVING  that Auntie Trace was able to fill the gaps this {busy} week and watch Miss G! Don't know what we would do with out you!! xx

I'm LOVING that Miss G and I SKYPED with Grandma,  Great-Grandma and Uncle Dan this week! Miss G and Uncle Dan had a noise competition - very funny! {Miss G can go quite a bit higher in pitch then Uncle Dan...}

I'm LOVING the kiwifruit/raisins muffins I made this week. Yum!

I'm LOVING that I'm going to be getting out on my road bike this week -Taupo here I come! (Cycling the relay with a couple friends from netball.)

I'm LOVING the craft book I just received in the post! What an *AWESOME* surprise. Love it!! Thank you so much Cat! :)  My sewing list is getting bigger and bigger - I love it! :) 
Catalina's Cottage

I'm LOVING that I was cleaning boxes out of the garage (from when we moved nearly a year ago) and found my square silver Tiffany's ring I've been missing!! Yay! Needs a good polish, but at least I found it!

I'm LOVING catching up with girlfriends for lunch! The rain went away in time!

I'm LOVING that my cute baby girl is 9-months old! Time is moving so quickly... :)