Back to the stone ages...

Last week, we were happily using our point and shoot digital camera - Nikon Coolpix S210 (but in purple). Not the flashest camera, but did a good job for our daily needs.... Then all of a sudden, 'lens error!' came up literally 5 minutes after my husband took a pix and then I went to take a pix! Ugh!


So, a quick google search and I've tried nearly everything recommended to fix the issue with no luck... Next step, I'm taking apart the camera and cleaning it. Will see how this goes!

I was a bit distraught, wondering how I was going capture Miss G's first birthday with no camera! It was then I remembered I have a Nikon N65 complete with all the bells and whistles. I even found a role of 400 speed film! I actually really enjoyed this camera back in the day, and semi-mourned the introduction of digital cameras that replaced the film versions. I loved developing my own b/w film - watching the picture form and being in the darkroom was such a good time.


However, I do realize how much more people can do with the digital cameras - and how many more people get joy out of creating their photos now too. Which is great. But, I still miss film. :)

Sooo, long story short - any good recommendations on a point and shoot digital camera? Ultimately I want to replace my N65 with the digital version, but for now, will stick with the cheapy. I'm not really particular on any brand, I just want good pix for everyday use. :)