Things I'm Loving - 3 Feb edition!

Linking up with Paisley Jade

Things I'm Loving...

I'm LOVING that it's FRIDAY and I have a 3-day weekend. 

I'm LOVING that I've really enjoyed my surgical and mental health nursing placements. Although, makes my decision on where to focus my career so much more difficult... 

I'm LOVING my new niece Miss K. Sooo adorable!! 

I'm LOVING spending the summer with mom! Two months with no winter for her! yaya!! 

I'm LOVING that the fabulous Miss G had such a neat birthday party! It was such a wonderful day with so  many special people celebrating her first birthday! 

Birthday buddies - dad and Miss G!! :)

Playing with my friends! 

Yay! My first candle and everyone is singing to me! 

Yum! Yum!