Things I'm Loving - 1 March

Linking up with Paisley Jade for Things I'm LOVING on 2 March!

LOVING the photos that Morwenna @ Keepsake Photography captured for Miss G's first birthday and cousin Keira's 4-week photos! Of course, we had to sneek in some photos of all of us girls! Aren't they great? LOVING them!!
Miss G 

So Big!! Me and Miss G! :)

Me, Miss G, Gma, Baby K and Sissy

LOVING that Gma spent 2 months with us in New Zealand! Loving that she takes the opportunity to leave a Minnesota winter and come visit us girls in the New Zealand!! Miss G LOVED having Gma stay - and so cool they have so many fun memories together now! Yay!! LOVED having her here and we were all super sad to see her go home yesterday. But, looking forward to visiting the USA this summer! :) 

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