Things I'm loving on FRIDAY!

Linking up with Paisley Jade for Things I'm loving... on Friday!!

I'm loving that Miss G was a bit unsure of New Zealand hunting legend and Swazi founder Davey Hughes. I bought his book Untamed for my brother Dan, who is also a bit of a hunting guru ... Take notes Dan - keep a journal.. and grow your hair long! ;) PS the book is hilarious - great adventures! My husband knows Davey from back in the day (pre-Swazi), so we had quite a fun visit with him.

Myself, Miss G and Davey Hughes
I'm also loving the hat I bought for $5 at the Central Districts Field Days (as above)... 

Loving spending a couple quiet days at home with Miss G. Had lots of fun baking in our aprons! Yummy banana muffins, cookies, etc. Yum! 

Miss G is loving her baby - and basically all babies she comes in contact with. Sooo cute! I think we are missing our cousin, Miss K!! ;) 

What things are you loving today - take a peek at Paisley Jade's list and join in the fun!