♥ Exploring: Bridge to Nowhere...

exploring beautiful New Zealand, and the Bridge to Nowhere had been on my 'Bucket List' for quite some time. 

So, when the Mr came home and said his work Christmas-do was headed there - WE WERE IN. 
(He wasn't as enthused, originally. But LOVED it in the end.)

The Bridge to Nowhere History is quite fascinating - This simple concrete bridge symbolises a failed attempt at back country pioneering by a community of returned World War 1 servicemen and their families.

 Can you imagine trying to FARM this?!?! 

The land in Whanganui National Park is very remote, hilly and WILD. And incredibly gorgeous

We arrived in Pipiriki, after a very long, and winding trip to get there, and went via jetboat to the Bridge to Nowhere landing. You can also canoe or kayak - and we did see plenty of people enjoying the river this way as well.  

Here we go! (It's actually a very easy walk to the bridge from the river.) 

Start of our hike! 

After we visited the Bridge to Nowhere, we went via jetboat to the lodge for a yummy dinner. 

Want to stay here for a holiday? Check it out - Lodge & Tours. Awesome place, great atmosphere  yummy food and amazing views! (No, I am not paid, just really enjoyed it!)

Mr Ed enjoying the view and a cold one... 

Have you been on a jetboat? Because, you should. Such good fun!!