I ♥ 34?

So, I turned 34 this month. THIRTY-FOUR. Eek. Sounds big. I am more mid-30s, than early 30s... And, closer to 40... Do I really care though? No. Honestly, I don't... {Although, probably because I am constantly told I look like I'm in my late 20s... *fist pump*}

I have decided to follow suit with quite a few of my friends and create 'goals' of fun, possibly unattainable 'things to do', while I'm 34 years of age!

Link up top - keep an eye out and see what I've been up to! And, if you want to join along - let's link in!! I would love to hear about your adventures!!

I ♥ 34... - SarahMarie's adventures while I'm 34...

PS. New year, new hairstyle. Had nearly a foot taken off - but you would hardly notice because I wear it up at all times! Super easy, and looks good both curly and straight. Loving it!

Straight hair, right from the salon.

With my friend, enjoying Napier, curly hair.