Things I'm loving- April!

One of my goals for the year was to blog a few times per week... Um. Unrealistic - I'm a bit busy. BUT, now that I am writing an assignment, I *obviously* have some free time. Ok, not really. Procrastination much? It's my LAST undergraduate portfolio. And, it's due on Monday. And, it's on cultural safety. Which, of course, is very, very important in healthcare, but... not as exciting to write 3K words on...

Anywho! Here's what fun I've been up to so far this month... 

 Hen's Night out! Charlie's Angels!
(Everyone dressed up with the letter "C", as the brides name is Catherine!) 

Wedding this Saturday! CAN. NOT. WAIT. Follow me on Instagram - I'm sure I'll post. 

Perfecting our pose in the Palmerston North Square!

Having fun with friends in The Plaza! (How cute are they!?!?) 

Hauling silage with daddy!! 

Tomato harvest. Yum! 

Helping with wood! NEARLY time to light the fire! 

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