Let It Rain...

Here in the Manawatu, we haven't had a 'good' rain since January... That is quite a long time - considering it is the 18th of March!

Check out these images of New Zealand - comparing the landscape of March 2012 to present day March 2013. Insane!

We are on tank water - which was a very unusual concept for me - coming from Minnesota. Where, half of the year, the tank would have been frozen! But, since we barely even REACH freezing here, collecting rain water is perfect. Except in a drought... Then come the water restrictions (self-imposed)... I guess being on a tank is a really good way to monitor your own water usage, as you can visibly 'see' your levels. And, once you are out - you gotta BUY more... 

Luckily, the rain came, just as we had about 1/3 of our tank left - and we've topped up again. Yay! 

No water for the pool. Miss G and Little Bee still had fun though!

Despite the lack of rain, the garden tomatoes and capsicums have been thriving! 

Salsa time! 
Dry weather is PERFECT for grapes! Miss G loves to go in and 'search' for grapes. Yum! 

Yum! NOTHING beats grapes fresh from the vine! 

Top Gear was filming here in NZ - check out what Jeremy had to say about Palmy!

I just turned in nearly my last assignment... Let's just say I was up a bit late... And, here is how I set me alarm to make sure I did get up and physically drop it into school... 

It's never good when you have to set multiple alarms... 

So, today is a quite day for Miss G and I - here's she's loving her PlayDough! Mommy is NOT loving how messy the house has gotten - but that's ok. Daddy was awesome yesterday, and he took Miss G into town, got rid of the recycling and did the weekly grocery shop! Yep, he's a keeper! 

Have a good Monday everyone!