Fruit galore!

Well, my feijoa harvest is definitely underway and I've been giving bags of the tiny green torpedos away as quickly as they've been falling off our hedge of trees! 

A days pickings! Yipes! 

Waste not, want not ... however, nature has provided us with more than our fair share. Thankfully, we have lots of friends that enjoy them as well. So far, I've made feijoa crumble, feijoa muffins, preserved feijoas and have frozen them as well... Which will be fantastic this winter! My next goal is feijoa/grape jam... Yum! :) 

Scooping out the inside to freeze in containers for later use! Yum! :)
When did I become such a "domestic goddess"? Hmm. I think I'm a domestic goddess in training really... I love trying to find ways to be more 'organic' and finding ways to save money... Funny how in my 20s, I poopooed the idea of being a stay at home mom and what could they POSSIBLY do ALL day!?!? Hmm. I'm really glad reality slapped me in the face - I have never knows such hard work, but yet, so rewarding. I absolutely love being home with Miss G, and of course I loved every moment with my precious Angel Degen. 

Some of my new 'missions' are attempting to quilt for friends and to sew dresses for Miss G. Wish me luck!