The Green Torpedos, continued...

Well, I have picked, given away, chopped, froze, preserved and baked with literally THOUSANDS of feijoas... There are *still* more under the trees, but I am choosing to ignore them by not going into the backyard. (Side note: if anyone wants any, feel free to bring a bag and help yourself!)

Auntie Tracey was just telling me yesterday they are apx $3/kilo at the supermarket. Hmm. May have to start selling these little bad boys next year for a bit of extra coin... Okay, I probably won't... But, it would be a good idea! :)

What we have found is that feijoa muffins and feijoa crumble are yummy! Will see how the preserves go later in the year...

In other news, Miss G is 4 1/2 months now! WOW! Where has the time gone? She is just such a lovely cheeky girl - so happy and smiley. Love her to bits!

4 months old - with the feijoas! :)
We are still enjoying a relatively mild autumn here - it's actually been fairly warm for this time of year. Which we are *loving* at our outdoor netball games! We are now 3-0, our last game was a bit of a nail biter, so we all need to step it up for our upcoming games!

Edan's project car is officially 'home' now. Well, it's more like a body of a car at the moment, but he's out in the workshop every night tinkering... Oh well. He's happy with that. Now, if only I could get him to hook up my bike trainer...

Miss G and I are headed to Mainly Music this afternoon, she *loves* music, just like her brother did, so hopefully she has a lovely time there. And, well, me too. :)

Until next time!