My Favorite Things!

Amber at Life on a Stick tagged me in her post, so I'm going to play along! Amber, a ND native, is an RN at the Mayo, a mommy of 1 and soon to be 3!, and is studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner! Amazing!

A few of my favorite things (in no particular order):

#1 Cloth nappies. I recently purchased 11 cloth nappies to try out on Gretchen and I LOVE them. No big accidents yet (knock on wood), feel like I'm helping the environment by reducing our weekly landfill waste and saving $$. yay. (I still use disposables at night, I'm not quite that brave yet...)

#2 My netball team - Te Kawau Greens. A group of girls that just want to have fun playing some  weekend netball. Love it. :)

#3 My besties. I have the best of family and friends. Yay for all of you! Where would I be without your love and support? :)

#4 Travelling. Ok, so I haven't done this in quite a while... but I have backpacked a good portion of Europe (twice - @22 just out of Uni and @27 on our honeymoon), North America, a bit of Asia and some of the South Pacific.
Edan and I hiking - Mt. Ngauruhoe in the background

#5 Studying Nursing. Yep, I love it. My gorgeous Angel Degen enriched my life and has encouraged me to study nursing and I *LOVE* it. Can't wait to graduate with my Bachelor of Nursing, and then hopefully I can start my Nurse Practitioner study in the USA...

#6 Popcorn. Yum. Love it. Especially with butter.

#7 Living in New Zealand. My husband is a native "Kiwi" so I agreed to give it a go living in NZ for a few years. Plan was to be back in the USA w/in 5 years. Well, that's this year... (Finishing my RN training in NZ before we head back.) Such a beautiful country with super friendly people. I've been fortunate enough to have travelled to a vast majority of the country and it is just amazing.

Top pix - top of the North Island, Bottom Pix - Glacier on the South Island

Pancake Rocks/Blow holes - South Island

On Mt Ruahepu looking at Mt Taranaki (both volcanos)- North Island

#8 Autumn.

Pix I took here in the Manawatu

#9 Spending time with my family and friends - esp my hubby and sweet baby! So lucky my USA family come down here as often as they do. Would love to see more of you though - fab vacation destination! :)

#10 Reading. Love to read - was getting through the books quite quickly after I had Gretchen, however now she is a bit more active, so it's getting harder. But, still managing to get in a few books/month.  Any good suggestions?

Ok, I'm new to blogging so I don't really have anyone to tag yet... But, I'll get there! :)
Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo