Shhh... Studying here!

Been *really* busy with school this week, so I've been super quite on the blog. Have an essay due in two weeks, along with a drug calculations exam and a respiratory/cardiovascular patient assessment exam. Yipes! Classes have been really interesting, and I think of heaps to write about on here, but I've been knuckling down and hitting the books lately. {But I do have ideas for future blogs!}

Just a couple cute pix to share of Miss G. We managed to sneak away to the beach on Monday with a friend. It was such a lovely day to take Pixie (dog) for a run and for the rest of us some sunshine! :)

Rach and Miss G enjoying the beach!
I think Miss G is telling stories! 

Cute girl checking out the gorgeous flowers in the yard. :)
We had a bit of excitement here with the recent snow - it was in the news quite a bit and was really fun. I haven't really been around snow in quite a few years now, so it was exciting to see it falling from the sky. Even though it didn't stick!

Miss G and I taking our photo in the 'snow'...

Snowing! (It's not meant to snow here!)

Finished a book off my list - A Fine Balance. I really enjoyed the book and am kind of quite sad I've finished it. Give it a go, it's a really well written book and it was just lovely really. :)

Well, off to bed for this nursing student / mommy. Mornings come waaayyy to early! :)