Study Week!

Kia Ora!

This week, I am on a 'study week' from classes. Phew! B/c I feel so far behind and it's only week 3!! This year we have been assigned sooo many readings (most optional, but I still want to read them!) - so this is my week to 'catch up'. yay!

Unfortunately, since I am the queen of procrastination, it is also my week to tidy the house and do all the random jobs I normally wouldn't want to do anyways. Case in point: this morning, I have been vacuuming the house (Edan did it yesterday), dusted house, cleaned kitchen, took car to local garage for WOF, one load of laundry waiting to be put away, one load of laundry on the line and another in the machine... and it's only 11:45am!! Yipes! I just may get our house completely organized by the time this week is over!! Now onto the dreaded office... (The office was our 'dumping ground' when we moved and it has kind of stayed that way...)

Miss G was quite excited when I put her in her car seat this morning to take the car in. I think she was a bit disappointed we only went 2 blocks and then she was in the buggy walking back home... She's loving going to care when I'm in classes. It's probably a bit more interesting to have another little girl to play with (Miss K is 16 months)! But, it is nice to have some time to chill, catch up and re-group before heading back into classes.

Loving my classes this year - they are really full-on, but super interesting! Long may that last! :)

The biggest loser challenge I was involved in finished off on Saturday - I am super excited to say I lost 6.5 kilos (14 1/3 lbs.) in the challenge! (I didn't win, but, very stoked I'm back in my normal clothes - which was my goal!) Purely by eating super healthy and exercising daily. Sounds like everyone is keen to continue on, which is great. Group support has been wonderful for me to loose those extra baby pounds that snuck up!

Well, better attempt SOME study today!

Haere ra!