Things I'm Loving - NZ Summer!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Linking in with Meghan for this weeks fun!

New Zealand summer is 'officially' over, but the nice weather is lingering a bit longer. Which is fabulous! 

I have been super spoiled the last TWO months - we've had mom around! yay! Mom has been making the long trek from Minnesota to New Zealand for quite a few years now - great way to miss out on Minnesota's harsh winter! brr!! 

It's always a good time, and Miss G absolutely loves her "Gamma"!! And, of course, Miss G was absolutely spoiled! Obviously. Was great to have mom around - she is extremely motivated and we got heaps of projects done around the house... the ones that were just never getting done...{sometimes projects are just a bit overwhelming...} Painting the bathroom, painting the laundry... cleaning out boxes and boxes of 'stuff'...organizing closets... Donating... Recycling... As well as having fun and celebrating Miss G and Cousin K's birthdays! Visiting friends! Tiki touring around the country and capturing some memories! Good times!! 

Miss G was very sad for Gramma to leave on the airplane, and kept saying, "No, Gamma, no airplane!" Good thing for SKYPE so she can have her bedtime stories!! ;) 

I officially have 2 papers and 1 - 9-week (fulltime) placement to go and I will get one of these... Exciting!  Where has the time gone? 

Been sneaking out to the beach when we can - and have been enjoying fishing... So far we have been very good promoters of "Catch & Release", but just being out at the beach is quite relaxing too! And, Miss G LOVES the beach - esp playing in the sand! {Check out the blowfish!}

I love hosting tourists - and last week I had a very fun lunch with a couple from North Dakota! They were touring New Zealand, and are 'friends of friends', but we soon realized that our paths had crossed in life and that we had met! Really enjoyed listening to their Kiwi experiences, what they have been up to, and LOVED hearing of home. {We are fellow NDSU BISON  alum- Go Bison!} After a 3-hour lunch, I wished them well, and they were on their way! So glad they had fantastic weather for the rest of their stay- and hopefully catch up again in the future! 

Myself and Corie at Lake Taupo.

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