Peeking out!

Hello, hello. Well, I have finished two exams, and have four left to go this month. Yipes! Bring on October, that's all I have to say about that. This year is definitely a lot more intense, which is fabulous. And, more interesting.  Combine that was a wonderful little Miss and we have one busy momma. But, I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

We just celebrated Father's Day here in NZ on Sunday - Miss G and daddy-o got to spend the morning together while I was at work. The weather was *amazing* so we spent the afternoon outside gardening and enjoying the sunshine. I think the MR is going for our village 'Garden of the Year' as he is really sprucing it up! I was concentrating on our gardens that provide a bit of bang for their buck - my veggies. I can hardly wait until I can get my tomatoes in!! I have a lot of area plotted for vege this year, and I'm quite excited about that!! 

Pretty in pink!
Miss G started crawling this week - properly crawling - on all fours. She's still a bit cautious, but has stopped commando crawling/rolling to move around. Everyday she's getting that much more speed behind her... She's 8 months on the 13th - where has time gone!!??!!??

Netball season came to a close on Saturday with my team taking the championship of our grade! We played against our other club team and won 18-14, so a very close game! I play Goal Attack - that above is a pix of me shooting it in. :) 

Well, best get onto making dinner. Loving the sunshine and that daylight is getting longer... Spring is coming!! yay!! :)