Manic Monday

Well, my mental health essay is DONE and handed in! I finished it in the wee hours of the morning. Okay, it was 12:45am when I got to bed. So, really not classed as an 'all-nighter'...  But, still. Phew, done and dusted! Brought it into school this morning and then had coffee with a couple other fellow nursing friends. I had two back to back 6-week placements (surgical and mental health), so we haven't been in class since October last year! Shesh! Back in class on Monday, 5 March - over half way to becoming an RN!! yipee!!

My next two papers/classes - are on ethics in nursing practice (always interesting!) and healthcare in the community/world/country. Should be interesting - although they have quite close essays for assessments... Must not procrastinate!

Now I have the rest of the week off to relax, hang out with mom, sissy, Miss G and baby K up in Taupo! Good times! Mom flies back stateside on Thursday (boo!) so it will be great to have a couple days of 'girl time' before she heads out.

Last week, Jen and baby K came down for a visit - we had such a good time. Did some shopping, walking, visiting and laughing! It's great being on maternity leave!!

Trio of backrubs - Gma, Sissy and Miss G
SKYPE'ing with Gpa! Jen and baby K!
Dad must be a bit dull for baby K!