What I'm Loving this week...

Once again, linking up with Paisley Jade for Things I'm loving...

Loving that Te Kawau netball season has started up - looking forward to another great year!! And, really loving the fitness aspect! Go Greens!

Loving how the 2012 Rangitikei District GirlGuides is shaping up - we have great leaders and awesome girls! Looks like it will be a fun year! Get ready for BISCUITS! Coming out 1 March - yay!!

Loving having this week off to spend with my mom, sister, niece and fabulous Miss G!

Miss G sporting her American swim style!
Loving the fabulous wood shed E built for the winter - now we won't run out! It is now completely full - fantastic! :)

Loving that Miss K's baptism is this weekend - really looking forward to being her godmother! *More pix to come! She's a gorgeous wee poppet!!