Things I'm Loving - MKR!!

Ok, seriously, I'm loving My Kitchen Rules! Loving! Whose your fav? I'm loving Smiley Sam and Chris! Absolutely love this show - so addicting!

I'm loving this little misses cute new fringe (bangs) cut! And, especially of how proud she is! She was such a big girl - sat absolutely still while getting her hair cut. Such a pro!

I'm loving that I'm turning in my 2nd to last paper on Monday! ONE class, then my transition-to-practice to go! Whoop! Where has 3 years gone? Bachelor of Nursing - here you come! Nearly an RN! ;)

I'm loving how silly and fun my gorgeous rainbow baby is! She is one in a million with her cheekiness! Just a peach! And she loves Pixie, her faithful friend!

I'm loving that I can talk for free to my besties in the USA! Loving our random conversation about snow, country music, timezones, Chinese food, tequila... I totally missed that it was STILL Wednesday in North Dakota - YES. Did not forget birthday! ;)

I'm loving that I have re-connected with a cousin - and discovered her blog. Check it out - it's great! And, while you are there - join in her 40 Days of Wisdom! Can't wait! 

Head over to Meghan's Blog to see what others are loving this week too! 

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