And breathe...

"And breathe..."

If you are {lucky enough} to practice yoga with Nat from ZING YOGA - you would recognize the quote... She's famous for it - reminding us all to take a breath and just breathe. Release into the moment, stretch and relax...

I *FINALLY* feel like I can take a breath now - six exams. Yes, SIX, in September. {Three x A+, and three yet to be marked. Yikes!} I feel exhausted, brain drained and also relieved. Yay! I know they won't be my hardest exams in the next 2 years, but a month of serious knuckling down and studying is hard work! Esp when you have such an amazing cutie to distract you!!! So, fingers crossed on the last three. I know I put a lot of pressure on myself to get A's, but it's worth it. :)

 {Little plug for Nat: If you are in Palmy, I highly recommend Nat for an amazing class - not necessarily the most serious of yoga, but that is her wonderful style! It's serious at times - but it's also a good time with wonderful people, and a good laugh. Bliss.}

So, now I have "off" until my Mental Health class starts up on Tuesday! Yipee! Miss G is currently taking her mid-morning nap and {after I update blog} I will be tidying up the much neglected house! However, the sun is shining, there is no wind, so I'm hearing a calling from the beach... Will see how the day goes!! I can't resist a good walk on the beach with my fabulous Miss G and Pixie!

Otherwise not too much happening around here. Catching some rugby world cup games on telly when we can, Mr Ed's been working on his project car in the evenings and Miss G has been playing with Miss K (17 months and 3rd cousin) when she's in care (and I'm studying).

Quite excited to dig into my cross stitch project I started this winter {before school started up}. Knitting and crocheting are in my "to learn" pile that one day I will get to...

Well, better carry on before Miss G wakes up! Here's another adorable pix of my baby model. :)