The Memory Keeper's Daughter...

I just finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter - fabulous book. I really enjoyed the story and how it evoked a range of emotions within myself - anger, sympathy, empathy, happiness, etc. I really enjoy a good read, and this one was just delicious.

I do firmly believe that a person must be in a good head space for a book though. For example, I just can't get into a really deep book right now - The Story of Q - but hopefully I will be able to when I am on holiday. I am really looking forward to the read, but I think I have a bit much on right now. ;-)

Exam on Monday, 26th - and it's a 3-hour exam. Yipes. Have been in at uni studying this week, and have been doing ok on my practice exams for nursing assessments, pharmo, but not sooo great on the patho... Best be hitting the books some more. Plenty of time. ;-)
(Thankfully I finished the book - although, I use books as my 'unwinding' just before bed.)

Miss G is fully into her food now - which is neat. However, it is a bit tricky to be nutritious, delicious and creative for babies... Maybe I'm overthinking it - but I like her to have a good variety. So far, her favs are avocado, banana, yogurt, fish, carrots and pumpkin. (separately, not together.) Honestly, she seems to take after her momma, and really doesn't dislike any foods... (which is bad when you are older and trying to lose baby weight. haha)

Well, off to bed now - heaps to do tomorrow. Mostly study, study, study!! :)