I've Got Sunshine...

I've been home this week with Miss G, in two part  - 1, My friend that watches G while I'm at school, her son has chicken pox, and 2, I'm on study-leave, so good time to stay home with her. Let's just say I haven't been able to study as much as I would in the library, but it's been way more fun!!

Yesterday, we took a bit of a break and went for a walk around the village. So G was all bundled up in her stroller, Pixie on her leash and off we went!

Along the way, we stopped at the local park...
Lovely day for playing in the park!

Miss G enjoying the sunshine and swinging!

On the horse...

What is Pixie doing? 
 Very fun to spend some time in the sunshine and playing at the park. G absolutely had a blast and was laughing the whole time in the swing. Luckily this park isn't too far from our house! And, it's fully fenced in. Perfect. :)

I put G down for her nap, and heard a lot of noise from her room, so I went to investigate...
Playing is so much more fun than sleeping mommy! 

I see you!!
Note: leg is getting ready to go into standing! 
She's loving learning how to pull herself up now - so nothing is safe anymore! It's very fun to see her learning and developing so quickly! If only I could learn that quickly... ;-)

Now, off to study... Good luck to me! ;-)