Eight Months!!

Miss G is eight months old today! Wow! And, she's just so fun and amazing - I just love watching her grow and develop! Since she's been crawling for a week or so now, that must be boring for her, b/c she's now pulling herself up on the sofa, exersaucer, TV stand, cupboards, doors, ottomans, you name it, she's trying to stand up by it!

Model pose!

We had a fun day today SKYPE'ing w/ Gma, Gpa and Uncle Dan in Minnesota- she always puts on a good show! Had a bit of a laugh when she was crawling to get a hold of my laptop, and I kept pushing it away from her - until we were all the way in her bedroom from the lounge! Must have tuckered her out, all that crawling, b/c she took a long nap this afternoon! :)

Getting into trouble...

Had a good laugh this morning, when I went to check on G during her nap and found her with her pants off! I had pants on her, and she must have decided she was over them, b/c during the course of her 'nap' she pulled them off and was having a dandy time playing with them! She is soooo funny!

E and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday - complete with Chinese takeaways. (yum!) We've been through more than most, and have come out together and stronger. I think that's what it's all about. :)


Miss G had 3 (YES, THREE) birthday parties this weekend, and we made 2 of them. She was just absolutely worn out and we couldn't quite make the 3rd! But, we did drop by and give the gift. :) It was very fun to get dressed up and mingle with all the other kiddo-s, G is quite the social butterfly!

Nearly there with my September nursing exams - 3 down and 3 to go! Waiting back on my mark for my care plan essay, but I earned a 100% on drugs calcs and 100% on my cardio/resp physical assessment. Yay! :)

Just realized I used heaps of exclamation points - so sorry about that. Apparently, I am quite excited about today. :)