Budgeting: Do you? Don't you?

We were talking about budgeting in class the other day. More specifically - how people who have a long-term condition/illness budgets. Because this person may have a condition/illness that does not allow them to work. Period. Or maybe not even allow them to work to how they perceive their full potential.

We were given $260/week (thereabouts) - for a single adult. Which is roughly what New Zealanders on the sickness benefit may be getting as their financial assistance... {This was for the purpose of our class ONLY. Not a real scenario.}

How would you spend $260? Wouldn't go far to pay the rent/mortgage, so you definitely couldn't live alone. Probably have to eliminate home phone/internet. Insurance? Doubt it.  Tricky huh? 

This discussion in class, actually got me thinking of Mr Ed's and my family budget... Now, we are very {VERY} slack about our family budget. Very slack. Like we don't use it. Oops.

So, thanks to the kickstart from class, I have fixed up a spreadsheet with our necessities and our 'nice to haves'. Doesn't take long to add up does it? I've done a yearly/monthly/weekly version, so we can see where our money is going.

I've actually found the SORTED website to be a HUGE help.

Here are some items from our 'necessities' - which are obviously debatable depending upon the household...

Home Phone/Internet
Rego/WOF/Road Users
Health Ins
Home Ins
Car Ins
Holiday Savings
Emergency Svgs

It will be interesting to see how far Mr Ed and I can get with sticking to the family budget... Wish us luck - starts with the new tax year - 1 April!! 

Any tips or suggestions?