♥ Pseudo-Craftiness: Repurposing a TV cabinet...

Ok, I love Pinterest. I love pretending that I am going to be crafty and do all these fun things to make my home look amazing. {Who doesn't?}

Realistically - I am doing my Bachelor of Nursing. I have a 2-year old. I have a husband. I work part-time. We have a dog and 2 cats. We have friends. We have a pool. We like the beach. I like to read. Run. Cycle. Play netball.  Anything, really, but making things I pin on pinterest...

HOWEVER. I was cleaning out the 4-car garage {man cave?} that I'm not allowed to park the ol' Suby in - and saw an old TV cabinet. Now, we inherited a lot of furniture from family and friends. {Which was AWESOME - thank you!!} And, this was one piece... It just didn't 'fit' in with what I want to do in the house...

So, I turned to pinterst, as any pseudo-crafty person for some inspiration... and got my craft on. ;)

What do you think? I love it - it's perfect for the space, hides Miss G's books inside, some photos/flowers on top and underneath I'll put some more books, etc. 

I actually can't find the 'before' and 'during' photos - but it was basically an old, fake wood cabinet that I painted over with a light blue, this darker blue, sanded some parts off for the 'shabby chic' look and here you go! 

PS Those are my birthday flowers from the hubby - spoiled huh? ;)

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