At Home...

Todays topic is an object that makes me feel at home... 

I arrived in NZ in December 2006 with 3 suitcases! I now have a 3 bedroom, office, kitchen, dining room, bath/toilet, garage FULL of stuff

While I love the occasional Corn Nut or Peanut Butter Cup, nothing makes me feel more 'at home' than talking to my friends and family on FaceTime or SKYPE. I love it and it makes the distance seem that much less!! I also love to have lots and lots of photos around the house to showcase my photography and get the occasional glimpse of my loved ones. 

My gorgeous niece Kiki (nickname given by Miss G) and Miss G on FaceTime! So cute!! We 'see' each other weekly for our chats! Sooo cool! 

My home - being with my loves. 

What makes you feel at home? I think it's the people!! :)