I'm not naturally a reflection or a 'dear diary' type of person, so this particular day of the challenge is not as appealing to me. However, I'm dedicated to finishing this challenge!! :)

Today's February Expat Blogger Challenge is looking at the 5th post I wrote, and discuss my frame of mind and my style of writing.

My 5th post was about Mother's Day - I started this blog to keep my friends and family updated on our lives and whereabouts. So, I guess my frame of mind was keeping people informed. :) I was a bit used to describing our lives with Degen's Caringbridge Site, and enjoyed the fellowship it brought. I also liked that I could update everyone at the click of a button. 

My 2014 goal is to spend more time writing and blogging, so long may it last! February is also my birthday month, and blog revamp month. Here's hoping!! :)