Day 6: Moving?

Before anyone gets too excited, the February Expat Blogger Challenge prompt for today is, I would or would not move to another country after this... I'm not moving anyone, at present...

This is a question I get ALL.THE.TIME. From family, from friends stateside, and from friends here. As well as workmates, and people I have just met! It doesn't bother me, but it is a question I can't answer. If I have learned anything in life, it is that you don't know what is next around the corner for you. Even the best laid plans need adjusting...


  • I love the fresh produce and wonderful food in New Zealand. Albeit expense, I love how I know what I am buying. I love that I have learned to cook from scratch, because it's a quite spendy to buy pre-packaged meals. Making muffins from scratch is from scratch, not a box mix. I love that there are market gardens all over with fresh fruits and vege. Year round. 
  • The scenery is AMAZING. Enough said.
  • I love being so close to a beach. And the mountains. 
  • Relaxed, laid-back lifestyle.
  • Child-friendly and child-orientated lifestyle.
  • Amazing work/life balance.  


  • It's SOOO far from Minnesota. And expensive to travel back to the middle of the country! 
  • All my family and a lot of my friends are back stateside (or Germany), and I miss them! 
I think home is wherever the heart is, and at the moment our home in is NZ. You never know where the future lies, even though we do have a rough estimate...